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Time:01:31 pm
Hey I have a poll!
It's only one question and if you take it I'll love you forever!
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Current Music:Toad the Wet Sprocket - Stories I Tell
Subject:a poem
Time:01:45 pm
Current Mood:introspective

everything extraneous has burned away
this is how burning feels in the fall
of the final year not like leaves in a blue
October but as if the skin were a paper lantern
full of trapped moths beating their fired wings
and yet I can lie on this hill just above you
a foot beside where I will lie myself
soon soon and for all the wrack and blubber
feel still how we were warriors when the
merest morning sun in the garden was a
kingdom after Room 1010 war is not all
death it turns out war is what little
thing you hold on to refugeed and far from home
oh sweetie will you please forgive me this
that every time I opened a box of anything
Glad Bags One-A-Days KINGSIZE was
the worst I'd think will you still be here
when the box is empty Rog Rog who will
play boy with me now that I bucket with tears
through it all when I'd cling beside you sobbing
you'd shrug it off with the quietest I'm still
I have your watch in the top drawer
which I don't dare wear yet help me please
the boxes grocery home day after day
the junk that keeps men spotless but it doesn't
matter now how long they last or I
the day has taken you with it and all
there is now is burning dark the only green
is up by the grave and this little thing
of telling the hill I'm here oh I'm here

-- Paul Monette

[x-posted to my own journal; apologies to anyone who receives this twice]
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Current Music:Prodigy - Firestarter
Time:06:18 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
California suspends gay marriages pending a legal review.

And in case you hadn't heard Yeah, Masschusetts is still stuck.
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Current Music:Soul Coughing - Sleepless
Time:11:57 am
Current Mood:o_O
The chairman of a poultry company in Japan that failed to report bird flu on one of its farms has committed suicide with his wife.
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Current Music:I'm Too Sexy
Time:12:11 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
hey. i woke up this morning with an incredible drive to write the middle third of Lives of Leaders...but i do not have an a: drive on mom's laptop, so i can't. I was heading to my gramma's to use my uncle's computer, but remembered i'm going out w/mom for a few hours. so here i sit, waiting to leave. i really should eat something first. yesterday was fun b/c we had a pep rally and sixof5000 and i just sat there and caught candy and ate it and it was fun. actually it was fun b/c i wasn't in the pep rally and i got to sit between sixof5000 and iluvmyboys99. *winks*
does anyone watch Robin Witchhunter? I turned it on the other day and was amused by the tall dark and handsome one and the lovely computer nerd. mmm. animated men are gorgeous. maybe becuase none of the real ones will approach me. am i really that unapproachable? am i really that pretty? am i really that intelligent? are guys really that shy? are they scared of me? do they think i won't like them or think they're below me? *whimpers* i want a boy.
am now reading Peter Pan. it's interesting. Hook has always been my favorite character in the movies, so i thought i really ought to read teh actual book. i bought Lord of the Flies as well, but i haven't started that. I finally finished Kiss of Shadows, so now i'm on to Caress of Twilight, and then to Seduced by Moonlight. Laurell K. Hamilton says this series will only be 11 books long (as opposed to the Anita Blake series which is still going. i can't wait to read Incubus Dreams) and now i'm hooked in it and must know who gets to be king of the Faerie. Merry and Cel are coheirs to the throne, and whoever has a child first gets to be ruler. So Merry has her pick of the royal guards to get her pregnant and then she'll be queen with him. But what if she's raped or a Nightflyer gets her pregnant? Or what if one of Cel's assassination attempts finally works? He's a nasty rotten bugger. Aw, evil Faeries. *twitches* must know what happens next...and i'm only on book 2 of 11! gah!

gotta go eat. i'm working on LoL tonight, i don't care how frcking late it is. I have to do final editing on Slides to Serenity, too. urgh. that'll take hours. I need a rich benefactor to pay the publisher for me. any takers?

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Current Music:Yasunori Mitsuda - Ship of Regret and Sleep
Subject:In case you haven't heard
Time:03:10 pm
Current Mood:intrigued
Same-sex marriage licenses granted in Oregon.
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Current Music:none
Subject:just wanted to say
Time:09:18 am
Current Mood:frustratedexasperated
Thank you, Kit, for keeping us all updated on the gay marriage controversy. Queen Of Wands has a pretty good webcomic on the topic today, if you'd like to check it out.

That's all. Thanks.
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Current Music:Alanis Morissette - Still
Subject:cross-posted from my own livejournal
Time:01:51 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
[Edit: Apologies to anyone who received this twice. Or, uh, three times, due to my ineptitude.]

**puts on the ranting pants**

Okay, what with the hoopla in the media lately about the gay marriages in San Francisco and Bush backing a Constitutional amendment and the California Supreme Court having to make a ruling, I suppose it's time that I ramble on at length about same-sex marriage.

**suitable pause for people to hit the "back" button on their browsers**

Moving on, then.

I'm going to put morality aside for a moment here. Some people think that same-sex relationships, not to say marriage, is immoral and wrong and all the gays and lesbians are going to hell and bisexuality is not a real sexual preference. I'm going to try not to address that because it's not really what I'm going to be talking about. Or maybe it is, but let me deal with that in time, 'kay? Or, actually, don't, because someone else has already talked about it, and much more eloquently than I would have.

I'm also going to say that I don't immediately hate anyone who's against the idea of same-sex marriages. Some people--like, say, my father, and my band director--believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman because that's the definition of marriage. They don't hold any enmity against gays or lesbians, that's just the way they feel. And that's fine. I disagree, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

The real issue at hand here is whether we're going to deny a certain right to a certain group at people. I know that's oversimplifying the case, but hear me out (and tell me if I'm wrong). Not only are these people denied a right that pretty much every other human being in the United States has because of the physical gender of their partner, they are denied hundreds of legal benefits. This includes hospital visitations, wrongful death benefits, crime victims' recovery benefits, extended health insurance coverage, etc. A lot of these can be obtained through other legal procedures, such as writing up a will, working out joint adoptions and joint ownership of property, etc., but there are others that can't. By denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry, we are essentially making them into second-class citizens. Two people who love each other and have every intention of spending the rest of their lives together are, in the eyes of the law, one step from strangers.

That is not to say that I think marriage is the end-all and be-all of all things. Yes, I'm sure that marriage is great for some people. But looking at the current divorce rate (what is it, 50%?), I'm thinking there has to be something seriously wrong with the institute of marriage right now, and it doesn't have anything to do with same-sex couples. Why do two people have to be "married" in the eyes of the church and state in order to be legally binded to each other, anyway? Why is marriage so tied up with religion and government? Should it remain this way? I can't really answer that, I suppose. But you can look at this livejournal entry and the comments therein and get an idea of the argument, here.

While I'm at it, the whole thing about marriage being a fundamental institution of civilization? Uh. No. As someone so cleverly put it, "Oh yes, because consensual civil union between an adult man and an adult woman, treating both parties as legal equals, dissolvable under law only by mutual consent or sufficient evidence as presented to a judicial party, has been going on since Day One, really." But oh, wait--civilization isn't about language or writing or agriculture or anything! It's about marriage! Silly me! Oh, and by the way, marriage and the family as we know it today has been around for less than a century.

And I don't see how same-sex marriages constitute any "threat," either. As I've said before, how is Married Gay Couple A down the street from Married Heterosexual Couple A any sort of threat? Are Heterosexual Couple A's children going to turn out gay? Are Heterosexual Couple A going to break up? Are Heterosexual Couple A going to lose their jobs? Is nuclear war going to break out because the gays are getting married? If someone can point out a definitive link here, do tell me. I mean, Canada looks like it's doing okay. And, uh, I also have to point out that extending marriage (and its benefits) to same-sex couples would probably encourage the making of families. Not that the family is doing so hot right now, what with the current divorce rate and all.

[Edit: Allow me to throw in this link, which is terrifically well-informed. I told you I was no good at this.]
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Current Music:none
Subject:i'm on the edge of my seat, folks
Time:10:39 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Court to rule on gay marriages: BBC, CNN

Bush calls for gay marriage ban: BBC, CNN
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Current Music:none
Time:11:38 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Integra in a ball-gag may JUST be the sexiest thing ever (if only because it was the first time she actually looked like a woman).

I may be exaggerating about the last part. But not the first.
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